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The Monkey Claw Freefly Team's home DZ is located in Cross Keys, New Jersey at Freefall Adventures/Skydive Cross Keys. Cross Keys is a happenin' DZ that is open year 'round for fun jumpers and students. The staff is great, with top quality, professional rigging services from Rigging Adventures.

Cross Keys is host to all different styles of jumping including skysurfing, RW fun jumping, 4-Way and 8-Way competition training, freestyle, and of course Freefly!!! If you're in the area, you should definitely stop by and make a few jumps, whatever kind of jumping you do! This season a super Otter is based there, with a King Air for the overflow. You shouldn't have any problems getting a slot, and there are plenty of people around to jump with! We will also have the Super Casa around occasionally this summer so everyone can get their tailgate fix!

Cross Keys is home to many teams and fun jumpers including national and former national champions.

You can usually find Monkey Claw there starting in the late afternoon on Fridays until Sunday night after the last load gets down. If you're new to the area or are just visiting for a weekend grab us and say 'Hi!' If you freefly, we can make a jump together. If you don't, we can introduce you to others who share your discipline.

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