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Check out the freefly videos on our page to see the type of stuff we do and the freeflying that goes on at Cross Keys! Videos will be added every few weeks when time permits, so check back for new stuff!

All of our videos are saved as Real Media videos for now. If you would like or need a different format, mail a request to Timmy for it and he'll see if he can help.

To watch the video, download the zip file to your hard disk. Unzip the file and double click it. (If you can't unzip files, go to the WinZip site and download the free version of WinZip you need.) This should bring up the Real Player or the MS Windows Media Player. If not, then make sure you have the real player installed on your system. Visit the Real Media web page if you need to download the program. It's free, so don't hesitate to get it!

5-22-01 Stuey's Second Video This vid includes highlights of our exloits from our trip to Elsinore. Music by Primus. 7.6M (MPEG Format)

1-12-00 Stuey's Video Part 1 This is a video made up mostly of highlights from the past year. It's pretty good, especially if you like Devo! 2.9M

7-23-99 Flyboyz Film Festival; Monkey Claw Highlights This is a video from the footage we took at the 1999 Flyboyz Film Festival in Perris, CA. Music by Blink 182. 3.2M

6-27-99 PD Free-for-All Freefly Highlights Taken from footage from the PD Free-for-All at Skydive Cross Keys during the weekend of 6/25-6/27. Music by The Offspring. 3.2M

6-13-99 Made up of some vids from the past few weeks from jumps we did as a team and with other freeflyers at Cross Keys/Freefall adventures. Jumpers include Adam, Dave, Stacy, Dawn, Chris Norton, Mike Swanson, Pete, and others. Music by Marylin Manson. 1.4M

5-23-99 This movie is from some of our training jumps over the weekend. As can be seen, we're a little rusty since we were making so many fun jumps over the winter! Music by 311. 0.97M

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