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This page is dedicated to Freefly festivals, competitions and other fun stuff around the country that we are involved in.

It's a good idea to call any of the DZ's or teams holding the events to verify the dates! And remember, just 'cause we're not going doesn't mean it won't kick ass! It just means that we have to make a living too!

Monkey Claw Schedule and Freefly Calendar
(All events are at Cross Keys unless otherwise noted)
Starting Ending Will Monkey Claw
be there?
Puerto Rico Boogie
Project Horizon
Cino de Mayo Boogie - Skydive Orange, VA
Freefly Jam - Skydive Cross Keys

Look for more events as the year progresses!!!

What are these new events?

Swoop Club

A series of 5 low stress canopy piloting competitions, intended to increase and evaluate one’s piloting skills. Courses will be simple enough for A-license holders, yet will challenge even the most experienced swooper.

Primary course objectives will include: flying through a straight lane of gates (airblades) and landing accuracy.

Points and prizes will be awarded at each of the 5 competitions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will also be awarded at the end of the season to the pilots with the most accumulated points.

Nominal registration fee per competition - part of which goes toward prize money.

**This is not a skills camp - 1-on-1 canopy coaching is available by Heath Richardson of MonkeyClaw

Camera Flyer Camp

A day long camp designed to teach safety and proficiency with regards to camera flying. We will discuss camera helmet setup and emergency procedures. Discussions will focus on techniques for exiting, framing, lighting and filming from unique angles. Jumps will consist of drill dives and debriefing each camera flyers video in a group format.

Hybrid Weekend

A weekend starting with small, safe and fun; working toward building bigger, more challenging dives. Start practicing early and this will be a great and exciting weekend for both RW jumpers and Freeflyers.

Skills Camp

MonkeyClaw and Skydive Cross Keys are working together to present to the USPA a freefly licensing system to correspond with the existing USPA A, B, C and D licenses. These skills camps will focus on the skills necessary to acquire the freefly licenses.

There will be "small-way" camps focusing on the fundamentals of 2-way freefly and the skills needed to perform and master official compulsory moves. These include levels, proximity, transitions and docks.

"Big-way" camps will focus on skills needed for larger group flying - including exiting, getting to the formation, flying your slot and safe break-offs.

Freefly Competition

We are taking the Cross Keys Freefly competition to the next level. Training and skill building time will remain the same for each round - but the rules have changed. Prizes will be awarded to teams as well as individual competitors allowing him/her to jump with more than one team throughout the season.

Crossover Weekend

A basic instructional weekend for all of those Bellyflyers who would like to learn to sitfly. Lectures will address basic safety and positioning. There will be group debriefs and video of your jumps.

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