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The Voodoo!
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Check out the latest rig from Rigging Innovations...

The Voodoo!!

This rig has been designed with the freeflyer in mind, with extra protection for the pins and risers. It also has a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape to let you fly your body instead of your rig! We now have one of the first Voodoos released, and it lives up to its billing!

Storm showing off a VoodooThe voodoo has a top reserve flap similar to the newer Talon, with a slightly curved shape. One really nice looking feature is the integrated riser-covers and side main flaps giving it a sleek look. In this pic you can also see the "eye" on the back of the rig. This is the trademark of the rig, and gives it a unique look.

This pic really shows the sleekness of the lines and the innovative single-point articulated leg straps. The shape of the rig is tapered towards the bottom giving the rig a smooth look.

A great safety feature is the longer pin-cover offering some extra protection of the main pin. It is still be easy to self-check your main, though. The reserve pin cover offers great protection too, with side tuck flaps and a tuck-in for the bottom portion of the flap. We haven't had any problems with any flaps coming open while flying and don't anticipate any.

There is one thing about the rig that take some getting used to. The Main D-bag goes in with the lines at the top. This doesn't seem to affect the deployment at all, however the packers may not enjoy this change! Now that I've been jumping and packing it for a few weeks, it's not a big deal.

We are very satisfied with the rig. So satisfied, in fact, that we've decided to get them for the team! If you're in the market for a new rig, you should definitely check it out!

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