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Friday, February 4, 2005
This is it - we're off to the Puerto Rico boogie! We'll actually arrive at the boogie later this week, but we're heading out early for some much-deserved R&R. I hope everyone can make it out for the boogie! This winter has been too long and too cold in the NorthEast... Of course, it's always great to see our friends from Puerto Rico, and hang out with the crew from the mainland!
After Puerto Rico, we're going to head out to Project Horizon out in Eloy for some of the best organizing in the world!

Wednesday, September 1, 2004
This weekend is our Freefly Jam out at Skydive Cross Keys - 3 days of jumping, drinking and just plain stupidity! The theme this year is the 'Stash Jam. Stash, as in half-a-goat! Yes, for some reason we are obsessed with hair again this year - instead of growing a mullet, grow a 'stash and join in the fun! It can be a 70's stash, porno stash, pimpin' stash, western stash, you name it! As long as its there, you'll be cool!
We'll be having the usual good times - lot's of jumping (discounts on your jumps, too!), lot's of beer in the evenings, dinner and an awesome Boogie Nights party on Sunday!
Also during the Freefly Jam, Skydive Cross Keys will be holding the 1st ever Swoop Jam with $3000 in prizes! Just another reason to show up! Now here's the best part - Swooping with a stash kicks ass and looks major cool too!
So head out this weekend, bring your stash and have a great time!

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